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Noah Phelps has grown used to having life disrupted since meeting his fairy friend and soon-to-be wife, Willow Brown. After all, when you live in a houseful of fairies, you come to expect unending chaos. But he didn’t anticipate falling in love with one of the residents, mysterious Claire Greene. A beautiful half-fairy with magical powers, Noah promises to help her explore her abilities while keeping her secrets. Determined to resist Claire’s charms, Noah recruits Willow’s best friend, Rowan Westfall, to assist, as well as chaperone.


Secrets are routine for Noah as he becomes enmeshed in Willow’s guarded lifestyle. She’s pregnant but tells no one. They’re to be wed but only a few people can know. And what is the secret object that she’s hidden, the Thing that calls to him in the night? All will be revealed, she promises, “Someday.” Noah lives a double standard, seeking the truth about Willow while concealing his love for Claire.


Meanwhile, the first Fairy Faire in forty years is approaching. Willow seems both excited and fearful of the event. She hints of factions and divisions among the fairies, and her hope that all will be settled at the Faire. When Willow’s cousin arrives unexpectedly at the Big House, the mysteries only deepen.


Noah seeks Willow’s hidden treasure, convinced it will reveal all her secrets. Despite Claire’s warnings, he goes on a quest, using all his Wiccan powers to search for the truth. Too late he discovers his mission wasn’t as covert as he had hoped, leading to a disaster that strikes at the heart of the household. One mishap leads to another and soon all the Big House fairies are catapulted into a race to protect Willow, her unborn child, and the peace of the fairy people, in a contest that reveals more secrets than Noah ever wanted to know.