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It's highly recommended that you read the Willow Brown Stories in order, as it's all one long story with plenty of secrets, hints, and mysteries that unfold through the pages.


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An Ordinary Fairy: Book One


For thirty years, Willow Brown has lived in the woods on her deceased parent’s estate, where she follows a reclusive lifestyle caring for the wildlife and avoiding human contact. Then Willow’s quiet world turns upside down when nature photographer Noah Phelps crosses her path and discovers she can fly...


Noah quickly learns there is more to fairies than just flying. Gifted with magical powers far beyond his Wiccan charms, Willow is also a woman with issues and a haunting past. When local bully Chester Jones reignites a long-standing feud, Willow turns to her “mere human” friend for help and finds love as well.


Willow is the most delightful, mysterious, feisty, irritating, yet lovable woman Noah has ever known. At his urging, she seeks the answer to the mystery of her parents’ death and Jones’s sudden interest in her woodland home. Fairy magic, Wiccan spells, and the Jones brand of folk magic crisscross the ether, as a race ensues to find the clues hidden in the woods.


After Willow casts her spell, you will believe in fairies.

Willow Brown, American Fairy: Book Two


Noah Phelps looks forward to a quiet visit at his parents’ Wisconsin home, accompanied by his lover and fairy friend, Willow Brown, but a late night phone call shatters their serenity. Tragedy has struck in the life of Willow’s best friend and fellow fairy, Rowan Westfall: her partner, Ruthie, has suffered a fatal accident.


After a hasty trip to Rowan’s Kentucky home and a strange meeting with the sheriff, it appears all was not as first believed. Suspicion grows when Ruthie’s computer is stolen. The three friends hunt for answers, but sink deeper into mystery, as Noah learns what it’s like coping with two spirited fairies. Just as they near the solution, a fairy Hunter comes onto the scene, disrupting their progress and threatening the two fairies’ lives.


Noah continues his struggle with Willow’s secrecy, until conflict erupts between them. Only an unexpected crisis reunites their magic, forcing Willow to reveal her past. Aided by a band of misfit teens who know Rowan’s secret nature, Noah and Willow must use all their skills when the Hunter strikes.

Willow Brown, Plain Fairy: Book Three


Noah Phelps is living a dream when he moves into a woodland mansion with a rich, beautiful woman, his fairy friend and lover, Willow Brown. The only downside is the guests: Willow has opened her home to twenty-one wayward fairies. Old and young, friendly and aloof, a houseful of fairies ensures daily bedlam. To keep his sanity, Noah befriends the only other human resident, mysterious Claire Greene.


Noah has adjusted to the Big House routine when a call for help comes from a nearby Amish community. A new wind farm, built adjacent to Amish land, has brought turmoil to the plain folk, who are split over the encroachment of this new technology of the “English”. As a member of the Airne, an elite corps of fairies sworn to protect the fairy population and their human allies, Willow agrees she and Noah should assist. When Claire hears their plan, she persuades them to include her, and the three journey to nearby Arthur, where the two women pose as Amish while Noah remains in the open.


Noah finds Claire disturbing. Distractingly pretty, she’s not the person he expected. Like Willow, she harbors secrets. When she begins to manifest powers even she can’t understand, Noah’s attention is divided between the two women and threatens his relationship with Willow.


During days and nights of investigation, things are not as expected. The wind farm staff have misled the Amish, but Noah finds the plain folk have not been honest, either. Accusations, lies, and vandalism abound as the three seek the truth, before they stumble upon the unexpected source of discord. Noah, Willow, and Claire confront two menaces in a final struggle against the megaliths of technology and an ancient evil from the past, risking all to prevent disaster and guard the Mystery.

Willow Brown, Someday Fairy: Book Four


Noah Phelps has grown used to a disrupted life since meeting his fairy friend and soon-to-be wife, Willow Brown. After all, when you live in a houseful of fairies, you expect commotion. But he didn’t anticipate falling in love with one of the residents, mysterious Claire Greene. A half-fairy with magical powers, Noah promises to help Claire explore her abilities while keeping her secrets. Determined to resist Claire’s charms, Noah recruits Willow’s best friend, Rowan Westfall, to assist and chaperone.


Secrets are routine for Noah, as he becomes enmeshed in Willow’s guarded lifestyle. She’s pregnant but tells no one. They’re to be wed but only a few people can know. And what is the secret object that she’s hidden, the Thing that calls to him in the night? All will be revealed, she promises, “Someday.” Noah lives a double standard, seeking the truth about Willow while concealing his love for Claire.


Meanwhile, the first Fairy Faire in forty years is approaching. Willow seems both excited and fearful of the event. She hints of factions and divisions among the fairies, and her hope that all will be settled at the Faire. When Willow’s cousin arrives unexpectedly at the Big House, the mysteries only deepen.


Noah seeks Willow’s hidden treasure, convinced it will reveal her secrets. Despite Claire’s warnings, he goes on a quest, using all his Wiccan powers to search for the truth. Too late he discovers his mission wasn’t as covert as he had hoped, leading to a disaster that strikes at the heart of the household. One mishap leads to another and soon all the Big House fairies are catapulted into a race to protect Willow, her unborn child, and the peace of the fairy people, in a contest that reveals more secrets than Noah ever wanted to know.

Willow Brown, Christmas Fairy
(A free short story, in ebook only)


A short story for adults, sharing a holiday tale with the characters from The Willow Brown Stories, fairy woman Willow Brown and her “mere human” companion, Noah Phelps. Noah has always contended that living with a fairy can be brutal. Now Willow has the chance to tell her side of things, as she picks up her pen and relates the story of her best Christmas ever.


Willow is skeptical when Noah asks her to accompany him to his parent’s Wisconsin dairy farm.


“Meet his parents?! I wish he hadn’t put it that way. Say “I want you to see the farm” or “Let’s spend some time with the cows” or something like that. When a guy says “I want my parents to meet you” … well, there are implications. I know, I know, I’m much older than his parents are and I’m a big girl, but still. I was a basket case by the time we got to Wisconsin.”


Things go well at first despite Willow’s misgivings, but soon she begins to suspect Noah isn’t telling her everything. Secret chores to do, boxes being moved about and a mysterious farm building no one wants to talk about add to her suspicions. When it becomes clear that Noah’s parents are up to something as well, and the word marriage comes up, Willow plans her own surprise.


Another sweet, sexy little romance, this story fits in right after the conclusion of Willow Brown, American Fairy.

A Houseful of Fairies
(A free short story, in ebook only)


One of Willow’s dreams has come true: her forest home, a stone mansion called the Big House, has been refitted to become a safe haven, where wayward fairies can stay while their lives are transitioned to a new identity and location. The remodeling is done, the house scrubbed, the pantry full, and the staff in place. Everything is perfect.


Until the guests arrive, at least. Bumbles and Butters, Dragons and Wasps, oh my! (And there’s a Moth, too.) Not everyone thinks the household is so perfect, especially when they discover they’re expected to help with the work required to house and feed twenty-two fairies. Willow and her best friend Rowan have their hands full with complaints about the rooms, the food, and nearly everything else. When the tension boils over into vandalism, Willow has had “e-nough!” And her lover and fairy friend Noah has left her to cope alone while he tours Europe.


Willow enlists the aid of the security staff and her Airne friend Jasmine to catch the culprit. Suspicions and accusations fly as fairy tempers flare. This landlady stuff was not what Willow had been expecting!


This story takes place just before the events of Willow Brown, Plain Fairy.