I'm a writer. My stories are about people you might run into at the store, real people facing real issues. While I weave in much humor, my characters are dealing with life, which isn't always so funny. Some of my characters have wings and magical powers, but they're still human at heart.


My goal as a writer is to entertain and to create stories that you just can't put down until you've reached the last page. Inspired by a youthful dedication to science fiction, early exposure to Lord of the Rings, and a vivid imagination, I started pecking away at a laptop in 2006 and have never looked back. I'm a life-long resident of central Illinois, where I share my home with my wife and best friend, Susan, and a very spoiled chocolate Lab mix.


My first four novels comprise the Willow Brown Stories series. The lead book, An Ordinary Fairy, was released in 2010 and continues to enjoy success with the paranormal romance and fantasy crowd. Of course, fairies aren't ordinary, as Willow Brown, the main subject of the series, is quick to point out. The books follow the adventures of Willow and her "mere human" companion and lover, Noah Phelps, as they learn about each other and about life bonded by love and magic.


Currently, I'm finishing up the first draft of my first non-fairy book, The Next Reader, about a collector of old books named Jack Winston who discovers a letter in a poetry book that has been passed down through six previous readers over a period of eighty years. Together with his bookseller friend, Lainey Kerr, he embarks on a quest to find them all, and becomes entangled in their lives.


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